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Burn the Mortgage 

Burn the Mortgage to donate now click this link


What do you envision for Temple Har Shalom 30 years from today?


Recently, I had a conversation with a woman who was president of her synagogue in Florida 30 years ago when they had nearly 2,000 members. They now have fewer than 200 members and they are desperately working to turn this around. When I asked how they were able to survive, she said it was because they owned their building outright.


We need to make sure that future generations of Utah Jews have a place to worship, celebrate, educate our children, participate in activities, and mourn. Unlike many congregations, we are growing; we have added 118 new families since Rabbi Levinsky joined our congregation. We need every family’s help to secure our future.



Burn The Mortgage is the name of our initiative, and that is what we hope to do five years from this September. I am writing to ask you to participate.


Our current mortgage is 2.45 million dollars, including interest. The basic plan is to receive a total of $40,000 per month for sixty months from all of our congregants combined. This is achievable!


A group of congregants agreed to donate $690,000, but only IF WE CAN RAISE THE REST. They have committed to $11,500 per month for sixty months.


As a reminder, we have 312 families; we are hoping that every family will join us in making this happen.


How can you participate?

If you can pledge $1000 a month or more for the next 60 months,

click here.

If you can pledge $750 a month or more for the next 60 months,

click here

If you can pledge $500 a month or more for the next 60 months,

click here.

If you can pledge $200 a month or more for the next 60 months,

click here.


If you can pledge a different amount, click here.


Every level of contribution is important.

If you would like to discuss why this is so vital, I would be happy to come to you or meet you at the Synagogue as would any member of our board or fundraising committee. All of us are listed below.


Our goal is 100% participation regardless of the dollar amount you can contribute. I hope you’ll pledge to join us today. In a few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to those we haven’t heard from to help us achieve our 100% goal.


Thirty years from now, when someone asks me what it was like to be president, I am hopeful that I can say I was part of this amazing group of people who made sure Temple Har Shalom would still be thriving well into the future.


All of us are deeply appreciative of your commitment to Temple Har Shalom and your consideration of this vital initiative.


Thank you for being an important part of our incredible Jewish community!


Miriam Eatchel

President, Temple Har Shalom


Click this link to read more about our Burn the Mortgage campaign



Board of Directors

Miriam Eatchel


Bill Becker

Vice President

Steve Volk


Richard Sheinberg


Ruth Davidson

Past President


Barry Baker

Harriet Berg

Bill Grodnik

Jennifer Israel

Glen Mintz

Mark Parker

Mara Rabin

David White


Rabbi David Levinsky

Saidye Rosner Bronfman Rabbinical Chair



Fundraising Committee

Joan Alper

Roger Arsht

Amy Baker

Dan Freifeld

Sara Klein

Dan Kotler

Scott Maizlish

Glen Mintz

Sat, July 21 2018 9 Av 5778