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04/05/2020 09:59:57 PM


Michael Greenfield

Let's start with a dispatch from Talia Goldberg, our Israeli Shlicha:

Mimouna is a traditional North African Jewish celebration dinner that currently takes place in Israel. It is held the day after Passover, marking the return to eating hametz (leavened bread, etc.) which is forbidden throughout the week of Passover. This year, Mimouna is on the evening of April 16.

You can find a recipe for the traditional dish called Mufletut at this link, or join Talia on Friday April 17th at 10am via Zoom and make it together with her.

And for those of you who have Spotify, here's Talia's freedom and slavery Passover playlist. Feel free to add to it!

For those who want some fun Passover music videos, here's one, and here's another, and here's one more from Israel's Ein Prat singers. Or for a historical overview of Israeli music, visit the track list from my class on the history of Israel as told through its music.

Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean you can't visit a museum in Israel. You can take virtual tours of the Israel Museum here or the Museum of the Jewish People here. They both have LOTS of resources in English.

The iCenter has a lot of great resources about Israel including these videos for tweens and teens about skateboarding, robotics, and surfing...all for peace. You can also visit their Passover page or any of their other great online resources.

Lastly, if you're looking for something Israeli to watch while you're waiting for Netflix to drop season 3 of Fauda on April 16, try one of these. Most of these are either included in Amazon Prime or are on Netflix.

Documentaries that are beautiful, engaging, entertaining, or all three at once:

East Jerusalem West Jerusalem is musician David Broza's film of creating musical cooperation and crossover, and it features Steve Earle. Chef Michael Solomonov's In Search of Israeli Cuisine is a culinary tour with a master. Heading Home, the baseball documentary about the Israeli team, won multiple awards at festivals. The lovely and touching Life in Stills is a gem about one family and the nearly 1 million photo negatives that tell Israel's story.

Features and series:

Fauda and Shtisel probably need no introduction at this point, but new seasons are coming for both so catch up now! The Wedding Plan is light and charming and so entertaining. When Amazon Prime acquired the hard-to-classify Israeli TV show, The Baker and the Beauty, they gave it that cheesy English title to create some buzz for the Cuban-American remake which can't possibly be as binge-worthy as the original. The somewhat more serious One Week and a Day and Footnote are both touching and engaging stories of connection and family. And though Talia tells me that the book is better (isn't it always?), I can't find an English copy of When Heroes Fly, so I feel safe recommending the fast-paced series that moved from Israeli TV to Netflix last year.

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